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Blockstart Blockchain Event

Where a few years ago it almost seemed like fiction, nowadays more and more companies and governments in Limburg are working on blockchain technology. Wonderful solutions are successfully built and set up. The enthusiasm to get started with the technology grows every day, but taking a concrete first step remains difficult for many organizations. Reason enough to join our online event on Thursday afternoon March 11.

The packed program of the event will be dominated by practical applications, taking the first steps as an organization and various successful implementations from Limburg and beyond. For SMEs, but also governments and other interested parties, who are seriously considering getting started. The event is not only focused on maximum interaction with and between the participants, but also concrete starting points and possible follow-up guidance immediately afterwards. In addition to several short, inspiring keynotes from all over the country, a virtual cocktail reception will also be organized at the end of the day.

Hosted by Brightlands and the Blockstart project, the event will showcase blockchain technology in healthcare, agrofood, and logistics, and will feature industry specialists sharing insights and testimonials. Join expert and inspirator Jan Scheele in this interactive and dynamic event to gain an in-depth understanding of the exciting technology.


13:00 - 16:00: Interactive Event
16:00 - 17:00: Optional network drinks

Register today for a unique opportunity to gain insight into the world of blockchain with one of the field's top experts.The first 50 registrants will also receive a nice present from the organization.

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