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Radboud Artificial Intelligence Network Event

​For over 30 years, Radboud University has been a global frontrunner on research about innovative intelligent learning systems. We develop new know-how and technologies that connect different fields of AI but also science and society in a responsible manner. Because our society faces complex challenges that require interdisciplinary collaboration, we reach out and encourage industry and governmental organizations to join our Radboud AI Network Event. ​Since we all have a part to play, we invite you to meet us and (ex)change perspectives on January 23th, 2020!

Who should attend and why?

Decision makers interested in AI will gain:

  • More insight ino the basics of AI, trends and developments
  • A global understanding of the impact of AI on society, ethical dilemmas and challenges
  • A better perspective how AI can be beneficial to your organization
  • Contacts with key players in AI surrounding Radboud University
​​Mid-career professionals working with AI will furthermore gain:
  • ​​​​In-depth knowledge about practical and  technological developments in AI  ​