nijmegen investment day

Investment Day

Get ready for Radboudumc Investment Day 2022 on October 5 in Nijmegen! This match-making event brings together investors, entrepreneurs and top researchers in the Health domain. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new business opportunities and to gain new business contacts! The event is hosted by Guillén Fernandez (Scientific Director, Radboudumc) and offers plenty of networking opportunities. Update yourself on the exiting research at Radboudumc and the successes of its spin-off companies.

Our main focus for this event is to allow for flexible ways to facilitate 1-to-1 meetings. The program therefore consists of several parallel sessions from top researchers, promising startups and investors to stimulate the exchange of ideas and contacts. This will allow you to pick & mix presentations to your liking and/or reserve time for 1-to-1 meetings in between and also during the program.

Interesting speakers are: Martijn Sijbers team manager capital health Oost NL & guest lecturer Radboudumc financing of healthcare; Willem Mulder professor of precision medicine; Thomas van den Heuvel ceo start up Ardim; Sarah Lee Ketner – market and investor readiness specialist; Thomas Maal professor 3D technology; Marco de Boer ceo start up Predica Dx; Thijs Schaap – Noaber Foundation; Pleuni Hooijmans VC Innovation Industries;  Ritse Mann radiologist; Bert Krikke ceo Noviotech Campus – future health innovations facilities; Nico Karssemeijer ceo start up Screenpoint medical, professor computer aided diagnoses; Kinga Matula ceo Quriegen; Paul Lelieveld ceo VC Meneldor

We finish off with a panel discussion with Constantijn van Oranje from TechLeap; Kinga Matula; Joyce Knappe ceo Pro Parents; Lisanne Blauw from Thuja Capital Management & River BioMedics

The 2021 edition led to several new investments for start ups who visited the event and lasting contacts! If you are interested in this event please send an email to marion [dot] schouten [at] radboudumc [dot] nl to receive further information.